Gassner - Oriented cap feeding system
Dyna Sort

Due to its great success, the innovative technical concept of the DynaSort cap orientation elevators has been extended. Now it allows not only to work with standard plastic caps (FlatCap) and Push-Pull (SportsCap), but also with Flap-Cap (SnapOffCap) and ThumbUpCap design caps.

Increasing attention is being paid to quality and hygiene factors, and that is why oriented cork feeding is in fashion, in addition to the fact that with this system bottlers have greater flexibility when choosing the type of cork, being able to put launch new marketing ideas in a simpler way.

In recent years, GASSNER has developed a whole series of systems such as the first DynaSort (Cap Elevators/Orienters), or the Horizontal Conveyors with a special “jailed” guide and a whole variety of sterilization equipments.

With the recently introduced equipment, the range of possibilities has been extended, there are optimal feeding solutions for any type of common cap