Cordontex - Cutted
The production of CORDONTEX textile cord is made up of several production processes

The textile cord CORDONTEX it is always in tension over the pallet load, and if the load makes a brusque movement the cord always recuperates its original position making use of its excellent elasticity.
More and more sectors uses CORDONTEX on its packaging process, from companies of the beverage industry to companies of ceramics.

The manual use of CORDONTEX CUTTED is very fast to apply in comparison with other strapping systems, approx. 30 second per tied.

CORDONTEX CUTTED is provided cutted at the size of the pallet perimeter used for the client, normally 4’5 m

Cutted twine at determined size in 200 units bandles for pallets manual binding

1 Hang the bundle of twine with 2 nails according to measures.

2 Pull out of one cord, by this way it will leave easily and without being entangled.

3 Make a fixed loop and hold the cord to ring the pallet.

4 Stretch according to the tension required by the load and tie.