Cordontex - Production
The production of the textile cord CORDONTEX is made up of several productive processes.


The technical properties of the textile cord CORDONTEX are ideal for the horizontal binding of pallets. Original of Switzerland, in the middle Europe countries is used since more than 60 years ago and very time has more relevance its consume because is a clean product, easy to use, generates little over packaging, re-usable, ecological and with a very competitive price.

Made up of textile yarns of Cotton, Polyamide and Polyester united to each other in determined proportions forming 4 threads. In this manner we obtain elasticity, breakage resistance and a certain full-length, with the purpose of the pallets horizontal binding.

Different processes of twisting with international prestige machines

The know how is in the mixture of the different yarns to obtain the desired.

The process demands much handiwork.

Each expedition is submitted to quality controls.