Bornbiner - HBX Standard binding Machine
Horizontal pallet binding machine


Is the standard machine. Make a single tie at the top of the pallet. If it is used on plastic boxes pallets, when these are stacked in columns, this tie is in off to stabilize the entire load.
When we use the binding machine with RETURNABLE pallets, we have to consider that the CORD is recoverable by the distributor, who can RE-USE it in order to return the “empty” pallets to the factory tied.


Nowadays, in the NON-RETURNABLE Food and Beverage industry, the ½ PALLET is used more and more.
The HB machine is ideal for UNION of half pallets. A single bundle can be enough to join 2 half pallets. In this way, considerable SAVINGS are generated in OVERPACKAGING, reducing the consumption of plastic and lowering the cost of the goods (each half-pallet unit already has its plastic protection, so the joining of the half-pallets must be carried out in the simplest way possible).

In addition, the HB machine is the fastest on the market, which prevents can create funnels at certain times (>200 pallets/hour).