FLEJINSA was founded in 1982, so 2022 marks 40 years of experience in the Packaging market.
In our beginnings we started to work together with the Swiss company BORN AG, a manufacturer of pallet binding and labelling machines. During all these years bornbinder has been our emblematic brand and our hallmark.

Later, in the year 2000, given our permanent presence in the market of the Beverage industry, the renowned Austrian company GASSNER GmbH, a specialist in cap feeding systems (from the cap storage área to the filling machine), appointed us its representatives for the Iberian market. We have been working together with GASSNER for more than 20 years.

From the beginning, back in 1982, FLEJINSA began the commercialization of TEXTILE CORD as a consumable for the bornbinder machines. The commercialized cord was imported from Switzerland paying considerable costs. In 2003 we opened our own factory in Polinyà, and since then we have manufactured our own cord under the CORDONTEX brand to supply users of bornbinder machines as well as other users, mainly in the Ceramics sector, for manual pallet tying. Currently this business represents a significant number of sales and constant growth.

Highlight that in these 40 years we have every year grown, definitely thanks to trust our clients have always placed in us.